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    Stay update with lastest Zumba Dance in the World including some lastest move in ZIN networks.

  • Search Zumba Dance

    Easy to search any Zumba Dance add to playlist. Very easy to browse and manage the results.

  • Zumba Playlist

    Add your zumba dance in a playlist Library. Easy to access it later.

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    Easily manage your zumba dance in playlists.

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    Don't know a track you heard before? Find it here.

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More cool Zumba features

  • Hot & New

    Stay update with all Hot & New Zumba dance in the world. Love dance move seamlessly on all your devices.

  • Pop Up Players

    Play Zumba Dance, keep watching it while doing something else.

  • Share You Songs

    Easily share a Zumba Dance track with your friends.

About the app...

Here are some of the features:

Best Zumba Dance Collections:
- More than 1000+ Zumba Dance videos
- Great music player: repeat, shuffle any zumba dance with high streaming quality
- Pop up Video Players support you watch Zumba dance while doing something else

Pop Up Video Player features:
- Watch Zumba dance while reading news
- Change Poup Player size

Media Manager features:
- Discover recent, popular and trending music
- Browse the carefully selected music categories
- Browse by Date, Name and Duration
- Search both songs and playlists
- Add music to Library and create your Playlists


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